A unique audio guestbook for weddings and events

It's the latest craze sweeping the nation! Record messages and memories from your friends and family to create a treasured keepsake!

Say goodbye to the traditional guest book...

Easy to use

Pick up the handset, listen to the greeting, record your message, hang up and head back to the party!

Fantastic sound quality

Our phones have built in audio-optimisation, noise-cancellation and volume levelling so your messages will always sound great!

Compilation video

Having a bunch of audio files is great, but a compilation video of all your messages in one file is way better!

Interactive fun for all your friends and family!

These quirky phones are available in a variety of different colours and not only look great but they create a unique keepsake for your special day!

Our audio guestbooks are perfect for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs or they can even be used for feedback during a corporate training day.

There are no limits to the number of messages your friends and family can leave and the phone is even battery powered so can be placed anywhere in a venue!

That's not all...!

We’ll compile all your messages into a video for to you enjoy any time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Just like regular voicemail.

    Guests pick up the handset, listen to your personalised greeting and then leave their message after the tone.  Once finished, replace the handset and head back to the dance floor!

  • Nope!  The phoneOgram has built-in background noise cancellation so whilst you will get some background noise, you’ll still be able to hear the messages clearly.

  • Individual messages are saved in WAV and MP4 format so they’re playable on all your devices!

  • Of course, it’s really simple to do, just record it on your phone and send it to me either by email or WhatsApp!

  • We don’t want you to be waiting for the messages so we guarantee to put them online for you to download within 48 hours.

    The compilation video is also uploaded to YouTube on a private link for you to enjoy anytime!

  • No, it’s entirely self-contained so all the messages are stored inside the telephone.

  • The phone can store up to 2,000 messages and each message can be up to 2 minutes in length.

  • It has its own internal battery so it can be placed anywhere in a venue.

  • You can have it for the whole day or just the evening party.

    Whole-day hire is generally for 12 hours from midday to midnight.  If you want it for the evening party then that includes 6 hours hire between 6pm and midnight.

  • It’s currently available in ivory, red or black.

    Other colours are available for a small extra charge.  Just let me know what you have in mind.

  • The phoneOgram costs £299.00 for the whole day or £199.00 if you just need it for the evening party.

    The above prices are based on hire within 30 miles of RH19 1AQ.  Additional fees will apply for venues further away.  For a definitive quote and to check availability just fill in the short form!

    If you are looking for a DJ too then special package pricing is also available.  Check out our main DJ website for more information!